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Fone and Go

Turn Callers Into Customers

Our automated cinema showtimes phone systems are the most popular on the planet, with 15 years answering calls reliably every day of every year.  No more manual showtime recordings, fully automate your replacement for old movietimes systems with cinema showtimes to callers from Fone and Go® fully automated with your PoS.
  • No busy signals, ever
  • Professional voice artists
  • Send showtimes via SMS
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Ultra Clear Tape With Incredible Precision

Our cinema splicing tape has been the lifeblood of the cinema industry for over 30 years and our crystal clear tape continues to be used every day by film labs, amateur film enthusiasts and cinema professionals alike.
  • Ultra clear cinema splicing tape, free of particles
  • Durable and Easily removable film splicing tape
  • Available in clear, yellow, white and patterned tape on 1 inch core
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Splicing Tape
Film Leader

Film leader and spacing

We manufacture 16mm and 35mm film leader and film spacing for customers all over the world.
  • 35mm leader and 16mm leader
  • PET Archival leader, clear, white, black and coloured film leader
  • Custom 16mm and 35mm film leader available on request
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JACRO: Expert Cinema Systems & Tape Manufacturers

We welcome opportunities to help any business that has a requirement for precision slitting, perforation or ultra clear tape products
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Who we are

Cinema Products Since The 1920s

Our great grandfather, Jack Roe, started the family’s journey all the way back in 1913 when he was working as a cinematographic engineer, operating and maintaining early cinema projectors.
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