Non-Cinema Audio Splicing Tape

We Provide Our Tape To Non-Cinema Industries

We also manufacture tape for non-cinema markets

We provide our ultra clear tape also to non-cinema industries including the medical manufacturing industry, security, electronics and audio.

We have 3 different audio splicing tapes for analogue tape machines, including ¼”, ½” and 1” audio splicing tape. There is a solid yellow and a solid white audio splicing tape for easily keeping track of different types of splices, and a clear audio tape for ‘hidden’ joins that once made should not be needed again.

Premium And Precise

Unlike some of the (non-Jacro) 'New Old Stock' (NOS) splicing tape that is still available today, our premium splicing tape is less likely to peel away a coating of the tape leader when removed so is a reliable choice for pro studios and hobbyists alike.

Some production lines rely heavily on our 1” core and the strong adhesion of our product as part of their manufacturing process, particularly as we are able to custom cut tape to an incredible 0.1mm accuracy.
Premium and Precise
We Can Provide Tape For Custom Requirements

We Can Manufacture Tape to ANY Width

We are able to customise the core of your tape so that it carries only your branding, and promotes only your company.

We are a manufacturer and wholesaler,so that we sell B2B and so resellers who sell individual rolls and packs to end users.

We can cut to different widths (at 0.1mm accuracy), up to 680mm, with fast turnarounds even on small batches of tape.  All our equipment is based in Herefordshire, UK, for quick delivery around UK, Europe and Internationally.
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We can provide custom width tapes from 4mm to 680mm so please contact us with any custom requirements. Our manufacturing facility can create rolls of almost any length, and width with very short lead times.