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Fone and Go®

Premium Experience

A Significant Upgrade For Any Cinema

Fone and Go® is the world’s most popular automated showtime announcing system and a significant upgrade for any cinema still making recordings, or using a basic movieline system.

We are passionate about trying to get every caller out of their living room and into YOUR movie theatre - not bowling, not calling another cinema, not watching a movie at home. We are YOUR information channel, and we try to get more bums on more seats for you.

A Premium Experience

At Jacro we see every phone call as a possible ticket sale so we include quick and clear menu systems, prioritise premium experiences (like PLF, Imax, VIP, 3D etc) over standard showtimes, include movie synopses for all major Hollywood movies, include a Spanish language option and can send SMS of showtimes directly to your customer’s phone.

What Makes Us Different?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any PoS?

We support all major cinema PoS systems, and when we occasionally find a new one, we have integrated with that one too!

Can I automatically promote my latest movies?

Yes. There are settings to automatically announce the movies that open this Friday based on the showtimes that are received from the PoS.

What happens if I change my showtimes?

Fone and Go® has been reliably reading in showtimes for over a decade. If you update your showtimes, then Fone and Go updates your recording.

Can I provide movie synopses to my customers?

Yes. We record a movie synopsis for each major Hollywood release, normally just 1-2 sentences to help customers back to the cinema, sometimes to watch films that they knew nothing about when they first called.

Why do I need a moveline?

Usage varies from 100 calls a month, up to several thousand. The demographic of the customer base is a factor, as well as strength of the phone signal. It can also be a useful service for the visually imparied community, an active demonstration of inclusivity made by the cinema. Whoever is calling, if they can’t get reliable showtime information, the line is busy or not answered, they might well go bowling or watch a movie at home instead, so the monthly cost of a movie line can be quickly recovered with an increase foot traffic and related concessions sales.

What if I need to add a custom recording?

Our customer service team can help with changes to welcome messages, or occasional seasonal and special offer messages. Send an email to our support team with the text that you need, and they are able to arrange for this recording for you.

It is also now possible to make recordings from within the Fone and Go® movietimes interface, as well as to upload pre-recorded sound files.
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