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Film Leader

16mm coloured film leader

Film leader and spacing

We manufacture 35mm and 16mm white, opaque black, hazy, clear and colored film leader.

We have good stock of different film leaders, including black framed, countdown, archival, clear, black and coloured film leader.

Please contact us if you may be interested in our slitting and perforation services for any custom film leader that you may require, or be unable to source film leader elsewhere.

16mm and 35mm Film leader for Film Production, Exhibition, Labs & Archives

Our core 16mm and 35mm film leaders are clear, white and coloured film leader and 35mm countdown leaders. Most of our products are polyester, but we have also some acetate film leader.

Our premium film leader is an excellent choice for both amateur and professional cinematographers.

We have clear 16mm film leader for animation, archival grade white film leader for film archives, and coloured film leader for film editing and labeling.  We have super opaque black film leader in both 16mm and 35mm.

Film leader can also be used for threading and lacing up projectors, adding and replacing film headers and film tails to 16mm and 35mm film footage.
35mm coloured film leader

White Archival Film Leader

We have the highest quality archival film leader, for ultimate durability on vital archival and restoration of both 35mm and 16mm film.

Our 16mm and 35mm film leaders can be used as part of converting your film by scanning to digital, or for projecting it, as well as running through a film processor.

We have framing leader, as well as totally blank leader in stock and ready to ship.

We aim to help keep film alive for the current and future generations. It is a small niche market now, but we believe an important one to continue to maintain, support and develop in an increasingly digital, intangible world.
16mm white film leader

Not sure about film perforations?

If you are not sure which type of perforations you need for your film leader, the Australian Film Archives have a great resource on BH vs KS film perforations, including also a variety of different widths of film:


Or for information on specifically film leaders, there's a page on wikipedia all about film leaders:


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